“Zelda : découvrez les solutions époustouflantes des sanctuaires de la montagne d’Ulri !”

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Comment obtenir le cheval géant |  Guide de monture secrète

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a massive game, even bigger than its predecessor, Breath of the Wild. It features a modified version of Hyrule and an entire world in the sky and hidden realms to explore, along with more than 150 shrines and numerous side quests. While this may seem daunting, the game is worth the price of admission and will put your courage to the test. Fortunately, there are resources available such as maps, lists of shrines, and guides to elixirs, cooking, and surviving various environments. The article also offers solutions for eight sanctuaries, including tips for using vehicles and defeating robots, sneaking up on enemies, and lighting torches to complete puzzles. One sanctuary involves catching an orb before it falls into a pit, another requires attaching a fan to a turbine to power torches, and yet another uses pendulums and platforms to shoot an orb across a room. The final sanctuary is especially challenging to find, but a video link is provided to help players conquer it.